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Very Fashion China 8: Dyed Pooches

Though China’s beloved breed of dog, the Pekingese, is known for its gremlin-like shape and faulty hips and repulsive, inbred pout, the peculiarly striking colorations on the pictured specimen are not among the prized defects of its DNA. This dog has in fact been cosmetically altered, and by no accident.

Miniature canine princesses such as this one abound in the crowded urban areas of China. Perhaps their prevalence is mostly practical – they are small and wonderfully compact, allowing them to be carried, when their hips tire, in any medium-sized handbag or standard handlebar basket. While bigger dogs may be more powerful and fast and fun, they require far more space than the few thin strips of grass still left unconsumed by concrete. Thus, most people resign to owning one, if not four, little monsters instead, and doting upon them like children.

Not all Pekingese have been transformed so majestically as this one. Many belong to traditionalists, content with hair clips or miniature flags or bows. However, as everyone knows, a pooch must match its owner, so as human fashion extends into more cutting edge territory, one’s pet accessory must be adjusted accordingly. One can only imagine the fiesta of colors worn by the dog’s proud owner.

You Dye Now!

2 Responses to “Very Fashion China 8: Dyed Pooches”

  1. Ross says:

    Come on, pekingese are adorable! They’re all overbite and jaunty, hurried walking.

    Oh, and dyeing dogs. I’ve seen a dog in my neighborhood with a crude Mickey face emblazoned on one side, like a cheap sweater.

  2. Travel Blog says:

    Cruel and unusual punishment, even for a poor dog. Are you really sure this guy is not genetically altered? Chinese scientists are doing some mad things these days.

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