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Very Fashion China 3: Socks and Sandals

No, really, it is absurdly hot in this city these days. Hot and humid; which explains all the bare calves in our images. For many women this craze consists of sheer, ankle-height, leg-bulgingly-tight nylons. Of course, these wunder-hosen usually accompany hooker heels and are accessorized by umbrella (so as to protect the effects of the expensive whitening cream they lather on multiple times a day [Michael Jackson pallor – also so hot right now]).

For men, as usual, casual is key. The orange jellies with loose fitting socks are a perfect example: this man’s choice of attire reveals nothing of his occupation as a welder. He could be going to the park for a picnic, heading to a mahjong game, or going to crouch on the sidewalk right around the corner to torch together tons and tons of steel bars. Looking at him, you wouldn’t know.

Remember, it’s not very fashion to show your 75 cent pedicure (or foot fungus for that matter). So, if you have to wear sandals, cover up those dogs with at least an ankle nylon.

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