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Very Fashion China 2: Shirtless Sleeves

As anyone into fashion these days can tell you, it is not cool to have your lower arms covered in mud and chicken blood. Luckily, you can always slip on these practical shirtless sleeves when you need to keep your wrists clean. Since you’re spending all your money on fancy new clothes, the most logical thing to do is cover them up with a protective accessory. These sleeves are perfect for everyone. You can wear them to dig, wear them to cook, or wear them when you’re just hanging out. And if you need more than your forearms wrapped, you can always slip plastic bags over your high-heeled boots and don a umbrella hat to keep the rest of your outfit safe. Sure, fashion is meant to be seen, but it isn’t very fashion to be wet and dirty.

3 Responses to “Very Fashion China 2: Shirtless Sleeves”

  1. MyLaowai says:

    I have tried – Oh, how I have tried! – to understand what these people are thinking. I never got anywhere close to an answer. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I’ve seen people with expensive shirt collars, that weren’t attached to shirts. Just the collar, so that you could wear it under a sweater and look like you have a fashion shirt on underneath.

    I wish this were a joke.

  2. Editors says:

    fashion is never a joke in China. In fact, after the fashion wars of the late 1970s, joking about fashion was made a crime punishable by forced observation of CCTV and usually death.

  3. MyLaowai says:

    I’d choose death.

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