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Occupier of 9-5 Shit Job and other Poor Creatures

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 9

We encountered this monster while walking to the grocery store. Initially, we were happy to see that he was chained to the cement wall and, for the time being, would not be devouring any tourists or children. The second day we passed him we felt a twinge pity and the common sense of responsibility towards those less fortunate. While at the grocery store we bought him a bowl of Chicken Foot Salad (see post: Things People Ingest Voluntarily, Episode 3) and a blanket. Although he didn’t thank us, there was a certain look of happiness in his eye which, for some reason inclined me to say, “Merry Christmas!” as I dropped the bowl and blanket and jolted nervously out of chomp range.

I hope that the idea warms you, and, as the holidays come and go, you too are able to help those poor chained monsters around you.

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