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Conquering the World

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 8

This crab is making a break for it. “It” of course, being a change with an unknown outcome. We could all learn a thing or two from this adventurous soul. His crab friends watched as he teetered, just two legs holding him in place, two legs hanging onto his known supermarket home. “Go!” some cheered. “Don’t do it, you’ll get us all in trouble!” others said meekly.

We paused our shopping to watch the spectacle. What the crab didn’t know was that below him lay another tank, with larger crabs that would probably rip his legs off. “Go!” muttered Owen. “Don’t do it, they’ll eat you alive,” I whispered. The bustle of the supermarket ceased, silence, the crab sat perfectly still, one claw holding him to the world he knew. Owen’s eyes widened and I felt my mouth open but time had stopped and no sound emerged – it was the moment of truth for this little crustacean. Back into the tank he went, back into deep glass enclosure, back to relative comfort – for a moment – before one of those wonderful ladies in blue, the stewardess of the seafood section, came with a little green net and captured him. Owen’s eyes still wide, mine growing, she handed him to a man who smiled at us. “Hao chi,”(tasty) he said.

We looked at each other, trying not to laugh, and walked on, processing the event in silence. After a couple of minutes Owen said, “I guess that’s just how it goes.”

“Yeah,” I agreed, “that’s just how it goes.”

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