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The Great Noodle Man Enlightens His Son

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 61

“Baba, where is our roof?”

“Aiyo! Do not be so ignorant. Even a simple man could see that it has been harmonized.”

“But Baba, why our roof and not the Tailor’s next door?”

“Ungracious too! Have I raised a horse’s ass? You know very well that we are lucky to have been chosen first.”

“But Baba, the rain is cold, the noodle dough is now overly moist and the flour is ruined. No one else has this problem.”

“No one else has this pleasure.”

“And where can I do my homework? The floor of my room is gone, as are the walls, ceiling, stairs, windows and doors.”

“My, what a privileged boy!”

“My classmates say the government will take care of us.”

“And how they have!”

“This is care?”

“Yes son, we are communists.”

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