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Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 5

This is a man attempting to wash his car in the Yangtze River, aka the Great River. We watched as he carefully removed his pointy leather shoes and socks, rolled up his business slacks and surveyed the scene: Barges loaded with mountains of coal drifted past, sounding their horns as fishermen sat a few feet down river smoking cigarettes in their big straw hats and bright clumps of colorful trash bumped peacefully against the bank under their feet.
There was a definite air of professionalism as he dipped his bucket into the water- so much so that I ran down the bank, closer to the master and his work. I captured this first epic throw, the beautiful arc- in all its glory- as it completely missed the car.
I wish I could say this really was the first attempt and the man was just getting his bearing, but no. As with everything else in China, it fell short without the man ever knowing. He smiled and dipped the bucket again and again, some throws hitting, some missing. I watched silently amazed.
Back up near the river walk where Owen was sitting I showed him my prize picture and we watched the car, wet but not much cleaner, drive back into the dusty road system. Looking back down at the picture without suppressing our laughter we both knew: this picture is China.

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