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Buy it, Yell it, Sell it: “YES WE CAN!”

Totally Awesome Picture of the week 49

“The power of Dreams! The Happiest Place on Earth. Think outside the bun! Taste the rainbow. Just do it! Be all that you can be. Just for the taste of it! Have it your way. Obey your thirst! I’m lovin’ it. They’re GRRREAT! Melts in your mouth, not in your hands. Drivers wanted. Is it in you? He keeps going and going and going! Maybe she’s born with it. Betcha can’t eat just one!”

The sounds of my childhood. How I learned English. Thank you American advertising slogans. Thank you for shaping our world with your clever and catchy quips, for so clearly explaining your product with the useful tool known as language. I will never question my need to buy into it all. These phrases describe my culture as well as any ever could and encourage the champion of my generation, consumerism, better than anything else ever will. Instantaneous tangible patriotism. Throw your money in, get something out, everybody wins. Everybody.

Even China is catching onto this system. Take, for example, this Chinese soup. Fill a basket with miserable brown vegetables, choose some noodles, give them a dollar, and they throw it in to a water-msg-oil broth where it boils heartily for a few minutes over the oil drum stove. Presto! Fast food. You get “soup,” they get money. Win-win. Maybe it is “One world, one dream” after all.

And, right now, when the world seems a little shaky, I find it best to ignore those doomed economy forecasts, forget the wars and warming earth, and think back to that rock that’s never failed us. Remember what has always been trustworthy and never let us down. Cling carefully to that catchphrase. Buy it, yell it, sell it: “YES WE CAN!”

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