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Time for President Yes

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 47

Ok America. Rise and Shine. It’s Tuesday night here in the Eastern hemisphere and it’s getting to be morning over there. You know what that means.

This little old woman shuffles a mile and a half by herself every morning just to join the other lonesome elderly for gossip and dancing.

Do the right thing, America. This happens once every four years and rarely is the choice more clear.

These old folks stretch their arms above their heads to grasp tree branches and swing their legs like monkeys and twist their hips like teenagers.

Usually it is a toss up between evil and slightly less so – ignorant corporate puppet and slightly less ignorant corporate puppet.

These people have no replaced joints and their pains are not relieved by chemical pharmaceuticals. Every morning they stretch and stretch and move and move.

Today, this year, the choice is clear. There is a glaringly more evil option which creates, of course, a much less evil option. The evil scales have been tipped.

These people are loose and happy and graceful. If you asked them “Obama or McCain?” They would answer “Shenme?” “What?” And maybe spit.

If you asked McCain to reach up, like these Chinese people of his age group or his monkey ancestors and grasp the tree and twist, he couldn’t do it. His ability to do this sort of natural act was ruined by his participation in the Military Industrial Complex.

If you gave them a picture of Obama and a picture of McCain and asked them “Which one is the president of America?” They would point sadly at the old white man and say, President “Bu Shi.”

Which is how they say Bush in China and literally means “No.”

And Palin would object because people didn’t come from apes and shouldn’t act like they did.
But it is ok for her children to because she has no time to teach them otherwise.

All old wealthy white men look the same, especially in frowns and business suits.

But family is the most important!

To them.

And sex-ed is inappropriate for our schools!

And the swinging elderly would sigh, looking at the younger man and kicking their feet over-zealously at the thought of change in the future and this intelligent and hopeful handsome young man, knowing that this could never happen in their lifetime. And in kicking their feet they’d knock over someone else’s tea because their government also once thought it wise to label sex-ed as inappropriate.

So yes America, rise and shine.

And tomorrow we’ll show them the pictures again and tell them, this time, “bu shi Bu Shi,” or not Bush. And this old woman will walk home with a smile, back straightened after a morning of swinging, envisioning this young and hopeful change. Maybe, this time, we’ll have a President Yes.

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  1. Nevada Mojo Rising says:

    We did it! Yes.We.Did!

    President Elect Barack Hussein Obama!

    Most of America grew up and became reasonable adults on November 4, 2008!


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