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Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 46

Come one, come all! Witness a rip-roarin’ hair-pullin’ old fashioned good-timey ruckus down here at The Agricultural Extravaganza! Worth the pain and so much more! Less costly than that mini-skirt four-inch stiletto ensemble you’ve been flashing from your bicycle all over town! Created domestically for the domestics! Reduces forehead wrinkles, widens eyes and decorative to boot! Perfect for any and all occasions! The best thing since skin whitener!
Get yours today!

And so goes the thrills of the Nanjing farmer’s market, where farmed goods include everything from turtles in pink plastic bowls to fishing poles and faucets. The crowds of spitting, yelling, shufflers seem to consist of every age and social stratum, clumping, as they tend to do, into impenetrable masses that, like a painfully slow stampede, you must either join or let pass fully lest you end up lost, trampled and suffocating in a hubbub of foreign stench. So we watched flattened against a cement wall as this ancient and renowned people plowed through from nothing toward nothing leaving only trampled balloons and plastic junk-food wrappers in their wake. And this woman selling hair clips, frantically screeching her sales pitch without so much as a fake smile for the foreigner’s camera, knowing full well that it can only get worse and unafraid to share the news.

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