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The Chinese Backyard

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 45

Is this not what your backyard looks like? Do your neighbors not live less than 15 feet away and not use a power saw at 5 am? What about fireworks at 6 am, 7am, 7:15 am and so on throughout the day? No?!

How fascinating. Really.

You mean we have a choice!? We don’t have to live like this with evidence of overpopulation and pollution everywhere at all times? Oh, that’s right, I had forgotten, we did choose to live here amidst this pandemonium again. We planted ourselves here.

I have been forgetting a lot lately. This bedlam infiltrates continuously in multiple obtrusive forms. Deciphering the layers of noise is impossible – in a moment you hear the steady murmur of a thousand voices, a coarse spit here and there, a sneeze, yelling children, the tune of a motorbike alarm, a bicycle bell, a motor, the steady banging of a hammer, squeaking breaks, a plane roaring through the sky, an electric drill, mahjong pieces cracking like hockey pucks, the stove clicking, and so much more. On top of that your nostrils are accosted with burning coal, spices, fetid street foods, trash, urine, dog shit, dust, exhaust and GOD knows what else. And these are just two of the senses.

Perhaps this picture shows the source of my forgetting. This is how my head feels. Overcrowded and polluted. And I chose this. Oops.

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