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Making Room for KFC

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 43

Young vs. Old or Making Room for KFC

The dustpan to my broom,
the thin to my fat,
the bank to my river.
A team in fact!

Dull colors
Urging “Get lost! Goodbye!”
“You are forgotten.”
“It’s so easy to drink and cry.”

Don’t goad me Old Land.
Do you not see?
I shoulder the Spirit.
It flies brightly.

“Hah” Dull scoffs,
“A burden so light!”
“Machine washable!”
“For you, synthetic is right!”

You, so Old.
Speaking to me,
Trying my patience,
I’d listen, but I am we.

“Of course, plural man,
You will not hear.
So I say good luck
As the future draws near.”

Tear down the Old!
That dingy eye sore!
With your broom and my dustpan
We’ll make them no more!

And how we’ll grow!
How strong we’ll be.
What a team!
You and me and beautiful red KFC.

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