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Pets Portraying Patriotic Propaganda

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 30

This useful accessory, a very popular dog here in China, the Pekingese, is about as sorry of an excuse for (hu)man’s best friend as you can find. Maybe I’m biased; after all, having the unconditional love of the most beautiful dog in the world (see insert) leaves little room to find good in ahalf-blind peewee with an obtrusive rotting underbite.

The Pekingese or “lion dogs” have more than 2,000 years of rich Chinese history. They have done everything from shattering priceless porcelain urns of royalty in the 8th century Tang dynasty to being kicked by notable foreigner Marco Polo in the Yuan dynasty. More recently their accomplishments include relieving their bladders on the 3 Gorges Dam and riding around in imitation designer handbags. Their 2,000 years of existence has also allowed plenty of time for inbreeding which explains their sour disposition and seemingly absent intellect.

Perhaps it is difficult to understand why this ugly mug shot deserved the high honor of Totally Awesome Picture. Not visible are the Chinese flag stickers attached to both of its raspberry sized ears. That’s right, this mendacious face of innocence, this snaggle-toothed facade, reveals nothing of a patriotic agenda – but it is there. How does that make you feel? Uneasy? What else is concealed beyond the off-white fluff that filled the camera frame? Guns? Drugs? More flags?

After patting the dog down it was determined that he was carrying nothing else but a few fleas and some gum in the fur of his low lying underbelly. The story of this patriotic dog is a perfect example of how things, both cute and ugly, have become untrustworthy. Please keep this cautionary tale in mind and next time you see a box of mewing kittens sharing the milk of their mother be sure you allow yourself to see the full picture; note the hammer and sickle arm bands and keep your distance accordingly. Remember – communism is contagious.

We’ll call this picture the same thing we call this study: Pets Portraying Patriotic Propaganda

One Response to “Pets Portraying Patriotic Propaganda”

  1. Johnny says:

    As our friend Ceasar Milan would say on his show the dog whisperer. There are not good or bad dogs…only good or bad dog owners.

    Unfortunatly, when a commie gets a dog his pets idiology will invariably mirror his own over time,im sure.

    Border Collie FTW – Friendly, smart, fast, and will leap tall buildings to retrieve a frisbee.

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