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Something I’m Surprised Dad Never Made Us Do

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 3

This is a photograph I have carefully studied and personally hold dear.

I will include some of my analysis if for no other reason than get it off my mind. First of all, why is the father (fact assumed) taking such close up shots when it is clear that there is plenty of beautiful countryside to use as a backdrop?

Oh, maybe I should explain the circumstances surrounding this photo. We are an hour and a half from the nearest city of Yichang. So is this father son pair. If they are not from Yichang, their drive may have been longer. It is a Saturday and we are in a cattle/goat grazing “park” which you must pay to visit. There are piles of manure everywhere. They are standing a few feet from the road.

I will answer my question with some more questions. Why is the father about to take such a painful close up shot from his son? Where can I get myself an army outfit like that? Why would you not want an extreme closeup of that spectacular outfit? Why would you want cow manure in your photo? (there probably is some in mine) Why are these people so totally awesome?

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  1. dan says:

    why is he aiming @ dads balls?

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