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Example of a Good Pomelo Rind Room

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 26

Almost every shop on the streets around our house, including – but not limited to – the welders, prosticutters, printers, auto refurbisher, glass cutter, water supplier, plaster distributor, florescent bulb makers, and restaurants operate out of these vertical pull door storage units: garages, wide-open all day to the hordes of gaping pedestrians.

Most, though strange at first glance, are fathomable additions to the medley of industrial and neighborhood goods. This scattered pomelo rind, upside-down-paint-bucket-on-ladder, mysterious back-door space, however, is not so simple to decipher.

The most likely purpose sprung into play yesterday when we learned that Yichang is vying for the “Cleanest City in China” award. I don’t know if this scattered pomelo rind, upside-down-paint-bucket-on-ladder, mysterious back-door space is the original or a replica but I’m pretty sure I saw this exhibit last time I visited the Tate Modern. It makes perfect sense. Our area’s lack of public art is a grease stain on the new white plaster walls of this community’s pride.

Bravo Yichang! I must admit this show of enthusiasm for creative culture has caught us completely off guard. We are curious – knowing how carefully you have cultivated a people whose patience for mystery is even less than their appetite for good music – how have you explained it to the neighborhood?

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