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Now I Don’t

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 21

Now I see it.

The largest dam in the world. The 3 Gorges Dam. A barrier of miraculous proportion. The Great Wall of the Hubei province. The Great Dam.

And how great it is.

While the media prefers to address the political implications, we will focus on the lesser known uses such as:

Air quality assessment device. Today the air is extra good. You are able to see four, maybe five red towers. The measurements are as so: more than one tower – extra good; one tower – good; giant spreading stain which probably indicates that the wooden core is rotting away – OK; anything less – the Dalai Lama told that smog to go there and we’re doing are best to remove it swiftly and peacefully but don’t forget it’s his fault.

Holder of red towers, various solid cement blocks and other items that could possibly symbolize Chinese virtues.

Bragging rights/source of national pride, as in “My dam is bigger than your dam.”

World’s largest paper weight, to assure the written complaints of humanitarian subjects do not reach foreign eyes.

Successful example for the assurance of less powerful foreign countries (such as Cambodia) where the Chinese are also building dams, as well as more powerful foreign countries: “We have built the largest dam in the world, hosting the Olympics will be no big deal.”

Distraction. Like watching a magician’s outlandish prop, the indigenous people wait endlessly for the benefits of this intrusive monster to appear.

This is only a brief overview, but broad enough that you should now have a clear idea of just how important this project really is.

and Now I don’t.

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