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Do Not Be Alarmed!

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 19

and The War on Dreams: Part VI


By Decree: As of this 17th day of the 3rd month in the 2 thousandth and 8th year, all things provoking imagination – including but not limited to – color, those awe inspiring defiers of gravity known as kites, and sunsets will henceforth be shot on sight.

This image, captured within the confines of a government training camp, shows how truly far technology has come. Just look at those fretfully colorful balloons! Those no good lazy kites dozing thoughtlessly in the medium, seemingly supported by that infuriating “magic hour” light; which infuses it all with what can only be described as a fantastical glow. It looks so real.

Do not be alarmed.

This simulated environment is one of the many so called “education checks” the government use to ensure their soldiers can withstand any dreamy or romanticized propaganda from the enemy.

These brave soldiers must be prepared to encounter anything, from playful children to seductive sirens. They must be immune to whims, thoughts (happy and sad), and laughter. Discipline is their only guide. Notice the gun, pointed straight ahead, directly in line with the eye, as though together they are one – they would be, but the man who thought of that was shot on the grounds of excessive creative thought – Do not let this fate become you. Heed the warnings. Do not think.

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