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Information Super Highway

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 17

Maybe “rad” is the most appropriate word the English language possesses to define this image. Maybe the world would be a better place if all barrier walls were decorated in a similar fashion. Maybe this should be used as a prototype for our border wall (as Owen interjects, “It’s probably those crazy Nascar people who want to build it anyway”). And, maybe, if this is the case, “rad,” being the vernacular of a culture less inclined to stain their clothes with dip drool or be caught removing cow manure from the crotch of their cowboy heel, should be replaced with “Yeeeehaaaaw.”

You can clearly comprehend the impressive scale with the cars being almost real size, and, when the sun has turned it’s back on this wonder corner of the world, with the shadowy moon carefully neglecting to shed new light; this wall comes alive. In bearing witness to the wall’s all encompassing flashing ease, one must question the internet’s title of “Information Super Highway.” Is it possible that a protection device of this beauty and magnitude could be as important or more so than the internet?

No. Absolutely not. Nevertheless, this picture carries the title.

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