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Free as a Kite on a String

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 14

“Free as the Wind” – a common English simile – or more proof that freedom is not free?

You decide.

Invisibility: You cannot see the wind. You can only see its alleged effect in relation to the world. How do we know that it is not something else, perhaps going around with the wind that pulls the leaves from the trees? For the sake of remaining vague, let us call the second invisible actor Blackwater.

Due Responsibility: Now we must ask, of whichever actor you choose to follow, Wind or Blackwater, where does its power come from? For, amongst the many uncertainties of the world, missing is the fact that nothing moves violently forward without compensation. Most will say God or the Government or Mother Nature or U.S. Citizens. Yes, us citizens.

Denial: The wind blows regardless of my actions. Things blow up in the Middle East regardless of my actions. Sure, the glaciers are melting and hurricanes are growing stronger, but I recycle – what else do you expect of me? Yes, my tax dollars may help to fund it, but I have no choice. I am powerless.

Free as a Kite on a String(title of this week’s photo): It becomes apparent that War is analogous to Wind. Let us remember that we have been at war for seven (7) years. Let us recognize its affect on our daily lives. Let us weigh the losses against the projected gains. Most of all, let these ideas blow from your mind back to the corner with the collected leaves and obituaries of our young for a different time of worry.

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