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Totally Awesome Picture of the week 13

I will tell you straight: This is a picture of a farmer’s bathroom with some fish. Most Chinese toilets are like this. Not ours of course.

It is not that we particularly wanted to show you a dirty porcelain hole in the ground (although everyone knows that holes dug in America lead to China so if you find yourself here, you’ll have some orientation – you’re welcome).

What we really want to draw your attention to is the unbelievable (believe it!) symbolism. Now we will tell you the story of the fish.

Big Fish: “I come from the Great River. I am very old and very wise. Ask me questions and I will enlighten all who listen.”

Little Fish: “If you are so wise, why do you live in such a small tub with no rocks, current, or weeds in which to play?”

Big Fish: “I do not live here by choice, I was put here by the Man. Now I make the best of my time.”

Little Fish: “How so Big Fish? We’ve watched you. You barely move. You spend your days sleeping. When you are awake, you are complaining about the stench.”

Big Fish: “I know you can smell it too Little Fish, don’t pretend you can’t.”

Little Fish: “Yes, we smell it, and everyday we do what we can, splashing our tails, sprinkling the floor with water in hopes that someday you, with your mighty tail will also help our cause.”

Big Fish: “Little Fish, your plight is noble, however, it is also pointless. Every time you make it a little better, the Man returns to make the stench again.”

Little Fish: “So you do notice that we make it better?”

Big Fish: “Yes, you make it better, but only temporarily, and when the stench returns, it is that much worse for your effort. It is better to change nothing, my nose gets used to the stench and I no longer notice it.”

Little Fish: “But it will never get better if you don’t try.”

Big Fish: “True, but it will also never get worse.”

That night the Little Fish splashed themselves free, down the hole and found themselves in the Columbia river. Meanwhile, Big Fish fell asleep, plugging his nose, waiting in anticipation for the stench and was instead thrown violently to the sidewalk (that’s how they kill fish here) and eaten for dinner. THE END.

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  1. berg says:

    i think that may be the best thing i have ever read/seen

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