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This Ridiculous World Guide: China – The People

Hey, it looks just like me!

Have you ever wanted a view of the real China? Are you the sort of tourist who loves to dive into the heart of a place and see how it ticks, warts and all? You’re in luck. Inside Communist China’s new Living Museums, otherwise known as human zoos, the reality of common life is presented in the form of a wonderfully educational walking tour. Each exhibit displays a different section of this country’s vast populace – from the brick layer to the welder to the tricycle cart puller – in stunning reproductions of their natural habitats. Here you may observe their many curious behaviors, eating habits, and sleep patterns – but, as with any animal viewing park, visitors are prohibited from feeding the residents. You may, however, throw your empty plastic bottles wherever you please, as the nocturnal garbage ninja will gather them during off hours.

Location: Soon in all major cities
Cost: 5+* RMB
Domestic Attention Level: Groups of 10-50 School Groups and Senior Citizens

* Differs from location to location

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