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This Ridiculous World Guide: China – The High Rise Worker Troupes

Look Mao no ropes!

Following the busy Spring Festival season (January to February), Chinese acrobats and Lion Dancers all over the country return to their blue collar day jobs.

Lifting your eyes up from the gray, uneven sidewalks (safer done while standing still – if you’re blocking a sidewalk, just pretend to speak into a cell phone and no one will grumble), scanning past four or five windows to the if you fell from here you’d die stories, the daredevils can be seen performing the tricks of their trade. This pair of external AC unit repairmen reported that they do at least ninety percent of the training for their holiday profession on the job. “It doesn’t take long to get the hang of it,” the one in the window quipped with a wink.

Location: Cities all over China
Cost: Free
Domestic Attention Level: Generally under 15 gapers

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