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This Ridiculous World Guide: China – The Cleaning Squad

Q: How many people does it take to clean a store front window?
A: Here in China where excessive quantities of workers crawl around a business like lice on a head: As many as can fit + at least one.

Once a year Spring finds its way to the greatest and only real country on earth. Within the light of the season’s sunny disposition, local business owners have a little time to reflect. Meditating on their surroundings they usually discover their territories to be saturated with a winter’s worth of pollutants and expectorations. This is the time to visit China. The warm air encourages a wondrous cycle of release and renewal not to be missed. As the flora releases massive amounts of pollen so do the restaurants threaten their crowds of cell-phoning staff who rush to appear busy, emptying their assigned establishments of dust, broken junk and toxic cleansers. What a glorious medley for the senses! The eyes captivated by clumsy, disoriented workers; the ears assaulted with giggles, screeches and harsh, guttural commands; the tongue finds itself prying brushed and blown sediment from between teeth; and on the sweet aroma of fresh paint and chemicals the nose dances freely. With not an empty garbage trike in sight, China is at it’s fullest, most beautiful stage of bloom. This is not a chance to be missed!

Location: Cities all over China
Cost: Free
Domestic Attention Level: Proportionate to width and height of building or item being cleaned

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  1. Jerry Grey says:

    this almost exactly captures the essence of my own blog – what a great observation, well written and so pertinent – well done

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