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This Ridiculous World Guide: China – Rubble

While most travelers come to this great land in order to see the famous structures it has erected – ancient walls, temples, and fortresses, or even the more recently built stadiums and towers – they regrettably miss out on another important, and arguably more impressive, sightseeing possibility. Here, not only can one witness marvels of creation, but great feats of destruction as well!

Indeed, this country’s ability to demolish, dynamite, raze, and, in all variety of means, level any standing thing is truly something worth seeing. However, such amazing places of interest as the Giant Rubble Heap, the Street of Old Bricks, and the House of Lost Mannequins are yet to be featured in most tour packages.

In other words, see them before there’s a pocket-wringing entrance fee!

One last note: remember that not only buildings and trees are the target of wrecking balls and sledgehammers. If you look for them, you may also find the famous Dump of Wrecked Dreams and the Hole of Hope.

Location: Changes Daily
Cost: FREE*
Domestic Attention Level: A few smashers.

* If destruction is still in progress, viewing may cost an eye, leg, or more.

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