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This Ridiculous World Guide: China – Hanging Decorations

While Western cultures love to adorn their homes with strings of lights and sling tinsel over trees, Chinese neighborhoods offer eye pleasure of a different sort. Ever a practical people, their decorations typically consist of edibles, including – but not limited to – sausage chains, seaweed streamers, and sliced radish festoons; aside from providing ornamentation, these hangings are able to soak up the particulate matter drifting about the air, resulting in delicious cured treats. You can be sure to find plenty of plastic bags of all colors placed carefully in the trees as well.

Visitors should note that these traditional displays have come under criticism from some progressive types who insist that dangling food from rooftops and power lines is a health code violation and that scattering plastic about constitutes littering. The Chinese authorities however, have continually turned a blind eye, if not encouraged the practices, as such forms of decoration ostensibly deter the proliferation of Tibetan Prayer Flags.

Location: Residential areas
Cost: Free
Domestic Attention Level: Less than 5 mosey-ers

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