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The War on Dreams: Part XIII


Behold! The future of warfare! As sleek as a fighter jet, as mobile as a Humvee, and just as necessary for the protection of Freedom and Democracy worldwide!

Having discovered the indubitable link between poverty and thrift and the proliferation of senseless dreams, the Department of National Dream Control has revealed a new multi-billion dollar contract with Lockheed Martin’s subsidiary Basketworks for the production of a massive arsenal of sparkling, cutting edge, high-grade titanium shopping carts. A statement released along with the contract highlights the growing danger of consumer decline: “While maintaining a certain amount of poverty is essential to the destruction and prevention of dreams, it must be carefully controlled, otherwise the People may begin to doubt the sanctity of consumer capitalism and replace it with the concept of human life. Our policy is and always has been to establish a societal system where quality of life is seen in terms of line graphs. The People must go shopping.”

The so-called ‘greatest generation’ had their war bonds, but today we fight a drastically different sort of war. Citizens must spend! There is no need for turning in your frying pans for making steel – just place yourself behind an empty four-wheeled vessel and fill! Fill until you can fill no more, and then fill it further. And remember that you are doing your sacred duty.

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