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The War on Dreams: Part XII


What to do if you come across a poster such as this one: smash, destroy, beat, bash, mutilate, hammer, ram, stomp, pound, or otherwise hit until you are certain that all dissenting messages have been fully eradicated! It is your duty as a citizen to protect the sanctity of street-side advertising panels – never shall they be utilized as vessels of such preposterous attempts at social commentary by the ludicrous Dreamers.

Let it be known:

This government realizes that lying is unjust and unproductive. It states without hesitation the following basic tenet of thought control: your children are information receptacles and must be programmed properly in order to be saved from a life of wandering, pondering, or otherwise falling victim to dangerous imaginative faculties. What is depicted in the above poster is accurate – nevertheless it must be destroyed. It is government policy that any and all actions of the enemy must be counteracted with swift and unforgiving force.

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