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The War on Dreams: Part V

“Yes. Hello. Yes, I can hear you. Were we on? Oh. Hello! As you can see, we’re back in the thick of it, or we were, or will be. Progress remains stunted and morale has dropped greatly amongst government troops. With the realization of previously unrealized or possibly yet to be realized tactics employed by the DREAMERs (possibly not yet employed) in response to past or future attacks on their dreams. It seems at some point, the DREAMERs simply announced it was opposite day, thus shifting time to their advantage. Now is the only time that is certain, although it slips quickly ahead or behind. As you can imagine (but don’t, it’s unpatriotic) this is all very confusing.

“The image that reached your eyes at some point is, was, or will be more of the government troop’s attack. Blocking the sun they effectively turn off the DREAMER’s main “rainbow of happy thoughts” water line. If it is yet to happen, please don’t show it.

“Problems continue due to the fact that the number of opposite days called is beyond our wildest dreams. Time has no constraints, rendering the concept of time commitment as absurd as dreams. The world is, was, or will be thoroughly mixed up. Until tomorrow, yesterday or now, thanks for watching and I’ll see you then.”

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