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The War on Dreams: Part I


Voice over: “Yes, hello Jack. In this alarming footage, captured deep behind enemy lines, you see the brave soldiers valiantly fighting for their country. China’s “War on Dreams” – stemming from the same vein as America’s Wars on Drugs, Terror, Mexican workers, Education, Health Care, old people, young people, fresh air and rainbows – is fought at the source. Much like the Americans ruining coca crops in Colombia, these men have recognized an accumulation of dreams occurring after a good night’s sleep. This footage, captured from the bedroom window of a couple of the renegade dreamers, shows how effective the soldiers are despite their lack of training and supplies. Notice the large echoing boom as the long-handled sledgehammer dutifully crashes into the cement. I can’t help but shiver with a resounding feeling of hope. Thus is the conundrum I suppose. We will keep you updated on the situation as it escalates. Until next time, thank you and uh, good night.”

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