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The View From the Top

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 64

There is a new stench in the monkey house. In addition to the usual miasma of scattered manure and stale ejaculations that your primordial brethren so love to assault your intruding nasal passages with lay heaps of molding unconsumed Chinese food morsels, at once proving the ape’s superior intelligence and disproving Darwin’s theory of evolution, which wrongly puts humans eras in advance of the shelf-heads.

Similar to watching mud swallow an off-roading pickup truck, witnessing this grandmother/granddaughter pair is both painful and fascinating. How often do you get to see stupidity grow?

I’ll answer for you: Infrequently. I should know, being a bit of a simian myself, and in fact currently incarcerated under such terms. I see a lot of people doing stupid things. It’s as if seeing the primates triggers some innate uncontainable emotion, forcing people to wave their arms like lunatics, spray water like baboons, and grunt like hippos. These actions cannot be helped – I understand that and therefore do not pass judgment on them. It is however, unforgivable to attempt to poison us with your grease fried, MSG laden, sidewalk-washed, plague filled “foodstuffs.” Luckily, the zoo keepers, a kinder breed, put up this sign to warn us. This, incidentally, is the view from our cage. I think I captured the grandmother fairly well:

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  1. jamie says:

    ah yes. nothing better than a trip to a Chinese zoo.

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