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The Third Modern Wonder of the World

Somewhere far from the ancient city wall, beyond the outskirts and ghettos and ghost towns, myth tells us of a magnificent metropolis of liquid delight. No foreign eye has ever beheld its interior, though a few claim to have reached its outer wall. There, it is said, the air is so dense from the evaporation of the spirits which flow throughout its intricate canals that no mortal can breach its gates without first plunging into a drunken stupor.

Liquor City, as it is commonly called, has many possible histories. Some insist it was built by a little known emperor in the 7th century, who dreamed of replacing the Yangtze with a more useful fluid. Others say it is was originally a factory built to produce the world’s vilest, most potent poison, and the culmination of its efforts is what is now known as bai jiu. However, there are some today who insist that the mysterious Liquor City is nothing but a massive haven of debauchery designed for the pleasure of government officials, and that the impenetrable surrounding atmosphere is simply the fumes of cigarettes, booze, and sweat released from vents. Whatever the truth, the city remains as mystifying as the Lost City of Atlantis, though it is surely a modern wonder of this world.

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