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The Second Modern Wonder of the World

As you fine, intelligent people are all aware, for millennia the land of the Great Wall, Gunpowder and The Floating Hat has been miles ahead of the competition. Now folks, don’t panic! but kindly lift your chin upwards from the folds of your neck – I’d advise you keep your mouth from gaping as the side effects of this new wonder are yet to be determined – you’ll see that China is now also in fact miles above the competition! Yes sir-oo, this Wonder of the Modern World is the stuff that history (and science) books are made of: China has managed to completely alter the color of the sky.

Here in the land of the future it is not uncommon to hear a small child ask an elder, “Why is the sky gray?” As if even in their finite child wisdom they somehow sense China’s superiority over those places whose stratosphere remains the dull azure of yesteryear.

So come now, witness this great triumph of man over nature! Let your eyes be filled with loess, let your heart be stopped by toxins, and your mind, let it wave with the flag, for this is truly a wonder worth marveling.

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