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The Ridictionary: Lesson 2

Prosticutter (n) (also Prosticut)
1. An establishment that presents itself as a barbershop (or other such innocuous business) in a thin attempt to conceal its actual morally vacant services, often signaling to potential patrons with a pink or red fluorescent glow.
ex. That man just came out of the prosticutter and his hair is all messed up.

2. An individual who provides the morally vacant services of the prosticutter establishment, and who advertises for those services by lounging in licentious poses on a couch while watching television.
ex. Is that a prosticut or a primary school teacher?

One Response to “The Ridictionary: Lesson 2”

  1. MyLaowai says:

    “Is that a prosticut or a primary school teacher?”

    In China, there is often little distinction between the two. After all, most schools have a whack shack right outside the main gates, presumably so that the female students can see that jobs opportunities that await upon graduation.

    Prosticutting: the only State-owned enterprise that turns a profit.

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