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The Fifth Modern Wonder of the World

Perhaps you missed the last visit of the majestically inbred boy-king of Egypt as he was hauled about the world for all to revere. And maybe you’ve never graced the great halls of the British Museum to look upon its chunks of Grecian monuments. Or stepped up to the mighty pyramids and been harassed into riding a camel. The ancients remain a mystery.

But as the wonders of the modern world are, by definition, modern, we should not be surprised to find they are not bound by the same rules of grandeur as those of the old world. Do not expect the prides of god-kings. Look not to towers and other singular giants. Today ubiquity is as precious as rarity. Globalization brings greatness to us. And so we flock not across the globe but down the street to those repeating places that have survived their native lands and taken root in every corner of the world. There are many such minor wonders, but the paragon of the model is known by many names: The Chinese Food Buffet, Buffet Chino, Buffet Chinois, and many other even stranger variations. Whatever the words, they mean the same: eat until you can eat no more! And suffer indigestion for the next three days.

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