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Students Undisturbed by Disturbance at Chinese High School

Nanjing, CHINA – After three days of continuous drilling the unidentified mustached man on the ladder finally made it through the cement and brick wall and into lucky classroom 8. Though his workspace partially blocked the steps of the entrance to the main building the man’s progress went unimpeded and unquestioned throughout. Students of class 8 concurred, “This is Chinese education, everything is boring and drilling. This is, how you say? Every day currency.” A monitor, sent by her classmates (admittedly groggy after her traditional three hour lunch period) to confirm exactly which parts of the hammering would be on the exam, found no trace of the visitor. “He must have been one of those foreigner teachers,” the girl suggested to her classmates as she tracked red dust around the floors. “They never give us even, how you say? Traces new knowledge.” Later the students reported that their glasses, text books, chairs, shoes, and everything but the cell phones which never leave their hands were missing.

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  1. courtney says:

    all fall semester the construction site across the street was pile driving iron supports into the ground. our entire building would shake every 20 seconds or so for the entire semester and through finals. though ground shaking in San Francisco isn’t exactly new by the end of the three months i’m pretty sure my body was involuntarily shaking once i returned to colorado… got back after winter break and as it turns out the project ran out of funding and filled in all of the holes…. maybe my school’s proximity to chinatown could explain this massive waste of time and money and my sanity…

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