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The Chinese Hiker

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 63

In search of silence
pebbles pierce thinned street soles
backs angled under iceberg burdens
small to the eye, heavy on the mind.

As a parched tongue receives a rush of water
so our ears dance freely to the curses of the wind
bleating goats echo like church bells fighting nature to be heard
a heavy, sad sweet icing on our silence.

But shit!
Hark that?
A jabbering garrulous beast!
A prime sideshow specimen!
Ready your shooting arm, it pays us no mind.

Plodding closer now
the muddled shapes reveal their form:
no yak but a yakker, atop a nutmeg mare,
humble shuffling tender holding up the rear.

‘Tis clear the sitter is the source,
streaming wretched yammer
no equine could produce such muck
the creature’s master seems aghast as we.

Our shots won’t quell its rattle!
Cease! Cease! Confounded beast!
And retire your mobile to the saddle!

Can’t you see? This beauty all around?
Have you not bothered to look up?
Or is this just another ride –
behind those tinted windows?

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