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Stuff Tourists Buy Voluntarily: Dog Skin Rugs

After touring the sight of the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an you are force-funneled out through a massive open-aired mall. When we visited in late March 2009, not exactly the high tourist season, it appeared the main commodity was furs.

TRW: What is this?

Vendor: Bear

TRW: No, what kind of dog is this?

Vendor: Not dog. Bear.

TRW: Is this a St. Bernard?

Vendor: St. Bernard! Hahaha! You like?!

TRW: No.

Vendor: OK, it’s bear.

3 Responses to “Stuff Tourists Buy Voluntarily: Dog Skin Rugs”

  1. Don Tai says:

    There are some products from China you won’t find in North America, and dog pelts are included. BTW how much did the vendor want?

    I recall that huge open market after the Terra Cotta exhibit. I was traveling with a White American who wanted an 8″ statue of a soldier. The vendor said 250RMB (in calculator pointing), but he would sell it to me for 50RMB (I’m huayi and speak Mandarin). After bargaining my travel mate got him down to 150RMB and without saying much the vendor bargained himself down to 40RMB for me. We then walked away. It’s amazing how a dog pelt can trigger a memory. Ridiculous.

  2. Editors says:

    We didn’t ask. We should’ve though. Being the only people there we probably could’ve gotten this and a German Shepherd rug for the price of one. That would’ve been pimpin’!

  3. lisleman says:

    I had the experience of visiting Guangzhou once on business. I’ll always remember the market and strange items for sale.

    The Chinese certainly have a different view on dogs than most Americans.

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