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Stuff People Ingest Voluntarily episode 21

Deep-Fried Rats?

4 Responses to “Stuff People Ingest Voluntarily episode 21”

  1. Gaolin says:

    As a born (US) Southerner, I should believe that anything is good battered and deep-fried, but frying rats is going too far. Those are rats? There’s some risk one might eat one buy accident. I wonder if the hair has been removed.

    Living in China, perhaps you can clarify something for me: is rat-eating a legacy 20th century starvation diets, or have rats always been on the Chinese menu?

    ps, thanks for visiting my blog

  2. Gaolin says:

    odd coincidence — today a colleague sent me this. Yuk.

  3. charles says:

    i’ve eaten a lot of delicacies growing up, but never deep fried rats and definitely not those who are giving me the eye. i enjoyed the site alot, keep up the great work.

  4. MyLaowai says:


    If it moves they eat it.

    If it doesn’t move, they kick it until it moves.

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