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Stuff People Ingest Voluntarily episode 18

Chinese-American Fusion Food: Fried Shrimp Burger

One Response to “Stuff People Ingest Voluntarily episode 18”

  1. Johnny says:

    This post kinda puzzled me. I live in Florida and have been eating fried shrimp burgers for over 10 years here. They are a staple on quite a few of the different seafood restaurants fast food menu.

    I have a hard time considering this processed food, and disgusting.

    Some breaded shrimp on a bun with some lettuce hardly fits that processed catagory.

    Processed is that sandwich that 80%of american school children open thier lunchbox and pull out every day.

    Processed white bread
    Processed cheese slice with yellow dye
    Processed sandwich spread (miracle whip)
    Several highly processed slices of Oscar Mayers mystery meat of choice.

    Love your blog but you know how it goes, I cant let you post willy nilly about sandwiches I happen to like without a comment or two.

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