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Stuff People in America Might Sue Over! Round 4

I’d like to think that the boys of Metallica would approve of this shop, or at least its rugged, industrial location, with the pipe shop to its left and some other hardware dealer to the right, the post-apocalyptic, rubble-strewn earth out front, and the overflowing cages above. And the flames are pretty bad-ass too. But knowing their history with copyright issues, they would probably whimper at the sight of this ripoff, especially once they viewed the merchandise. Upon examining the storefront, we find a scattering of newspaper cutouts taped to the glass, all depicting bands other than Metallica, including the Kinks, Deep Purple, Aerosmith, and Kiss. The two mannequins are helpfully instructing all passersby on the appropriate attire for metal heads, which, surprisingly, is no different from the apparel at the “Hip-Hop” store down the street. Thank you, China, for proving there is no aspect of American culture you cannot misinterpret and reduce to a tacky fashion concept.

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