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Stuff People in America Might Sue Over! Round 2

The coffee giant Starbucks has most certainly staked its claim on Chinese soil. Just last year they were ousted from the prime real estate within the Forbidden City. The company has plenty of other locations throughout the country, but they have yet to open up a shop in the minor city of Yichang. To make up for the deficiency, a new company has taken the liberty of stealing its identity.

Starbucks has already demonstrated its propensity for filing lawsuits. Since the company has gone international, a whole slew of copycat coffee logos have emerged, especially in Asia (including S. Korea, China, Japan), and Starbucks has sued to varying degrees of success to protect its trademark.

Of those that we have seen, none have quite achieved the level of logo imitation as Yichang’s own Beaner Coffee. The image quality is poor, hence the strange blue shading in the background; but in reality the Beaner Coffee logo sports the same forest green as its model. They have even gone so far as to mimic the bold font, stars, and border arrangement, although the mermaid has been swapped for an alarmed aristocrat sniffing the fumes of a strange green beverage. As you can see from the storefront picture, the local company has even opted for the green block letters on white to display its name, as well as the window logos and sleek hanging lamps to achieve the desirable yuppie atmosphere of the typical Starbucks. We will assume that they stumbled on the catchy racial slur inadvertently.

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  1. courtney says:

    glad to hear starbucks was booted out of the Forbidden City… I think we came across that on one of our first days in china… on second thought… the ridiculousness of it was monumental…

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