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What My Student Gave Me: an unabridged journal entry

May 20, 2008 – Yichang, China

“Dazed morning at the primary school, raspy voice trying to read a book about butterflies over the constant murmurs of the students. One of my students, the one with the possessed eyes, has now given me a little ‘present’ – twice now. Actually, today before class he came up to me by the railing outside of the classroom and said, ‘Sichuan da dizhen!’ (Big earthquake in Sichuan!) and then shook his body. During class he did nothing but draw a picture; it depicts a man with a hat and beard riding a horse – the same character seen in the first picture he gave me (both stuffed into handmade – during class – envelopes). Here is the most recent:”

“Here’s what I see: this man whose nose is disturbingly long and upturned like an elf shoe, and whose mouth is buried within a heavy and unruly beard, is either riding or walking astride a horse/dragon/carrot*. He also is wearing a hat with a feather, on which is perched a large bird. Judging by the size of the pack he is on a long voyage. (In the previous and first picture, this same man was walking in the direction of a sign arrow leading to China…)”

Is it supposed to be me?

*I cannot explain the last option.

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