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Romance of the Western Chamber – a Review

An adaptation of a famous Yuan Dynasty play, the silent film Romance of the Western Chamber offers 45 minutes of jerking eastern theatrical acting, ridiculous head gear and awesome close-up clips of swords clashing. Sources tell us that the original version was nearly twice as long, but the remaining portion did not seem to need anything more. Here is the entire film in case your interest is piqued:

A scholar randomly stops at a monastery to study. There is a girl living there with her family. The scholar falls in love. Bandits come for the girl. “Whoever saves my daughter can have her hand in marriage,” says the mother. The scholar thinks hard. An idea! He sends a brave monk with a letter to a powerful general who comes and defeats the bandits. The scholar is happy and worn out. Crazy dream sequence. “Go pass your exams and my daughter is yours,” says the mother. How do you think it ends?

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