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Prototype for Alaskan Attorney Discovered at the Chinese Museum


Shanghai, CHINA – A bust of Eric T. Sanders, was recently found in the ancient sculpture wing of the Shanghai Museum. The well-preserved, roughly-carved giant head – which, incidentally, is often referred to as “The Judge” – was previously thought to be some sort of god, demon or school teacher. Despite photographic proof, a Chinese museum spokesperson vehemently denied any resemblance between the artifact and the living Westerner, demonstrating the absurdity of this assertion by reminding reporters, “China didn’t even invent Westerners until the 14th century.”

One Response to “Prototype for Alaskan Attorney Discovered at the Chinese Museum”

  1. The Chairman says:

    We built many of those back in the day. When we realized they were lawyers we exiled them…must’ve migrated.

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