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Prime Real Estate – Property # JSNJ010PRC

Oh, China. The name alone evokes images of sprinklers arcing over trim, green lawns; neat lines of white picket fences; rocking chairs on the porch with pitchers full of lemonade; apple pie cooling on window sills; wide, winding avenues depositing family vehicles into their personal driveways and into their spacious, separate homes… no? Wrong country? Either way, here we are: your own suburban heaven! White-washed and all – only with a slight change from the typical one family, American-style abode: solar panels and wind turbines. While that may appear to be an indication of a burgeoning environmental consciousness, we assure you it is not. These additions serve only to appease the minds of parents when their child (children?) – hyperactive, juiced up on sugary tea drinks, and unhinged by the sudden amount of extra space – goes sprinting about the house and flipping on every light switch, appliance, and power-sucking device in the house.

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