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Xian, CHINA – While it may seem like little more than an extensive scarf display, this seemingly endless line of furry skins has been ‘constructed’ for similar reasons to the iconic walls of China’s dynastic past. While the Great Wall was meant to physically deter the barbarous Mongol hordes, this lineup is said to serve more as a warning to would be snatchers of the country’s ‘flock.’ One of the pelt wall’s self-assigned custodians, a gnarled old coot who insisted on maintaining anonymity, scoffed at the question of whether ‘flock’ literally referred to vulnerable ruminants. “We Chinese are not without metaphors,” he said. He then made several unsubtle and unprintable remarks on the subject of foreigner men stealing his women. When asked to comment on the canine-like quality of the pelts, the old man once again chortled mockingly. “Have you never heard the saying, ‘A wolf in dog’s clothing?'”

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