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Possibility: a fable

Two men sit upon the yellowing grass. They gaze out upon the distant hillside, the calm pond, the trees.

“Such a beautiful place,” says the left man.

“Always has been.”

“Since time began.”

The right man says, “There are so many possibilities in a place like this.”


“Fruits and berries.”

“Thoughts and dreams.”

They sit in silence and watch. After a few minutes the left man says, “At least there will always be that.”

“What’s that?”

“Possibilities,” he clarifies. “To be able to look at a thing and let the imagination run wild.”

Just then a man in a yellow hardhat emerges from the trees. He scans the panorama and then waves to someone behind the two men. A great metal beast rumbles up, carrying a load of dirt in its jaws. The two men gape in amazement as the beast releases its burden into the pond before them.

“What is happening?” they demand of the man in the hardhat.

“We are filling this pond so we may make it more useful,” he says, quite cheerfully. “There will be an apartment complex right where we stand! And a KFC! Is that not incredible?”

“What?!” shouts one of the men. “How is this possible?”

“Possible?” says the man in the hardhat, confused. Then his face brightens. “Yes! Think of the possibilities! There could be three apartment buildings, or four! They could be gray, or they could be bluish-gray! And no matter what, I’ll be making money! Oh my, the many possibilities of a civilized city!”

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