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Pig Flu China 2009: a poem

Pig flu? No, not China. Here the pigs flew.
In fact, I may have seen them.

Through the coal smoke haze
Rose a snouted cumulous storm of shadowy mystery
Accompanied by nightmarish squealing
Lightening flashed a butcher’s blade
And a warm rain commenced
It stabbed like sweat at open cuts
And turned my white shirt brown.
A second flash of the sharp silver light
Revealed my thousands of neighbors
Black olive eyes turned upward too
Their maskless grins glinting with saliva.
And then it passed.
Its odoriferous zephyr of a wake
Slamming windows and averting eyes
Less accustomed to stench.

Yes. That’s how it was.
As the greener pastures of the civilized West
Battled an influenza of beasts
The East, developing tendencies of comfort
Rested their worries with sympathetic smiles.
Watching the swinish squall play out its course
The butcher lost no business.

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