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Nanjing, CHINA – These two young American mannequins, naked with innocence but for their painted shoes, stand tall and relatively strong as they wait for the fire hoses. “We went from cherished symbols of cute to trashy reminders of sinful society seemingly over night,” said the male, a children’s size 4-6 whose right arm had been lost in the rush to expel them from the store. “We had thought the bosses liked us. We worked harder than anyone else in the shop. We never talked on cell phones or clumped into gossipy groups like everyone else. We were Cinderella and instead of a prince we got blamed for a failed global economy and kicked to the curb.”

The female, also a children’s size 4-6, declined to comment, letting the grinding of her teeth and white knuckles of clenched fists indicate the passing of her faith in Disney didacticism and the adoption of a more aggressive Spike Lee style attitude towards the attainment of social justice.
After yelling “Fight the Power!” at a group of passing teenagers the mannequins were loaded into a van and never heard from again.

The store owner also declined to comment but one of the shop girls agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity. “I always thought they were cute,” she said, “but they worked so hard, like they were better than everyone else or something. Also, I never saw them look in the mirror or anything, but somehow their hair was always perfect and their skin was super white. It was weird. They wouldn’t even tell us what whitening cream they used. They always got to wear the new clothes but if I even tried on a t-shirt I got yelled at. It wasn’t fair. I don’t really pay attention to world news or anything but the boss said they had to go because their country was too greedy and was falling apart and taking everyone else down with it. It doesn’t seem fair that their problems can effect our country. You know? I don’t really know.”

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