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Nanjing, CHINA – A study conducted jointly through the sociology departments of Nanjing Rickshaw University and The Venice College of Gondoliering has found that though both occupations fall under the description of Tourist’s Bitch, it must be said that the Nanjing rickshaw mules have it far worse than their gondolier of Venice counterparts for a number of reasons, including – but not limited to – their yellow silk monkey suits (which mock both their history and ethnicity), their lower pay (Yuan instead of the Euro), and the fact that they actually have to physically pull their vehicle. Any redeeming qualities introduced by their suave Dick Tracy hats are entirely erased by the fact that they must trudge through puddles of pee and piles of rancid garbage, gasping for air, while the gondoliers drift romantically under bridges, casually dishing their Italian charm on the lonely traveler. When questioned about the findings of this study, Chen, a graduate of NRU and ten-year veteran rickshaw puller, said, “Yes, it is quite unfair. The plus side, however, is that we actually spend most of our time just lounging in our rickshaws’ comfortable padded seats.”

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